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Grease can reduce the abrasion caused by friction between objects, make the parts move more smoothly, and increase the quality and life of products. It is especially suitable for flat actuation lubrication between the mechanism and the parts. In response to different materials and life requirements, FUMIO has developed various grease product series to complete product selection.

grease, abrasion, noise, keyboard
grease, abrasion, noise, keyboard
Series Product Name
MB Series MB-01、MB-03
ME Series ME-15、ME-13
KL Series KL-631、KL-629H
BF Series BF-530

The Introduction of Grease

■ In order to achieve the best lubricant confines, add particular additive in the light of different materials and lubricant conditions.
■ High chemical safety. It's absolutely no corrosiveness for metal and plastic.
■ Synthetic grease with a wide using range of temperature.
■ Non- silicon series synthetic lubricant. Can be used around contact point of electric appliance, and is impossible to cause breakdown in electric appliance.



■ CD-ROM‧Mouse‧Joy stick‧Connecter‧Keyboard‧Printer‧Fax machine‧Typewriter
■ Copy machine‧Power switch‧Pump‧Hydrant‧Drinking fountain‧Bearing‧Fan motor
■ Auto movement‧Radio movement‧Timepiece movement and other products that rub in surface movement.