About Us



FUMIO-TAIWAN LTD. is a professional supplier of precision lubricants and adhesives. The headquarter and the lab locate in Taiwan, and four branch offices: Shanghai, Dongguan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen locate in China. Since founded in 1991, FUMIO-TAIWAN LTD. has developed a number of high-quality products with the brand name: FUMIO and LORIS, and served customers across hundreds of industries all over the world.  

For many years, FUMIO has been adhering to the corporate philosophy "Integrity, Teamwork, Service, and Innovation," and working hard with professionalism and enthusiasm. In addition to being committed to providing the best products and services, FUMIO also specializes in developing environmentally friendly and non-toxic products. We hope to satisfy customers, and at the same time, protect the environment.

FUMIO believes, "Quality is based on our professionalism, and service comes from our original intention.", and we will pursue sustainable business development with this conviction.


Develop food-grade lubrication, noise reduction, and damping series grease.


FUMIO has developed lithium complex soap-based grease. With chemical extreme pressure additives and solid physical lubricants, lithium complex soap grease can reduce noise and provide long-life lubrication for products and components that are used under severe conditions, such as "high dropping point", "long life", and "extreme high pressure."


Alliance with the distributor in Thailand to provide faster and localization services.


Successfully passed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.


Established Allied Champ International Limited, and cooperated with Japanese expertise NST to introduce pet's supplement to the market.


Introduced grease for biomedical precision institutions, which is in accordance with ISO10993 basic biocompatibility test. Also, FUMIO developed products with fluorescent agent to facilitate inspection and verification, and to facilitate coating confirmation operations.


Developed KE/ KM/ KML metal extreme pressure and anti-blackening long-lasting series of lubricating greases, which are used for long-life lubrication of points (contacts), lines (slides) and surfaces (bearings, planes) of robot or other automation components.


Fumio developed special products to meet "precise", "thin", "short" and "small" precision lubrication and adhesion requirements of mobile devices.


To serve the customers' need of LED heat dissipation, we introduced the application of thermal spray paint.


Established an automation equipment department to provide high value-added equipment to assist customers in planning fast and stable production processes.


In response to the diversified development of thin and light consumer electronics and touch applications, our company has specially developed a high-density fluorine coating agent to provide customers better products with characteristics, such as moisture resistance, insulation, stain resistance, and acid and alkali resistance to strengthen product features and increase production capacity.


In correspondence with customers' "precise", "accurate", "economical" assembly requirements, FUMIO introduced various kinds of dispensers, UV lamps and other equipment.


Set up adhesive department to provide more comprehensive and professional services for our customers.


In order to provide the best and fastest service, FUMIO established new branches in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone: Shenzhen, Dongguan branch offcies, and Yangtze Delta Economic Zone: Shanghai branch office to support our customers.


With the belief of developing high quality products, Fumio established the second brand: LORIS to meet customers' need at different level.


In correspondence with the trend of domestic production of high-tech equipment, such as the equipment in aerospace, semiconductor and liquid crystal area, Fumio successfully developed fluorine oil, which can comply with strict environmental condition and laws.


Established cosmetic department to enter new region of 21st century popular commodity. FUMIO team provided the best service and different experience to customers.


To meet the requirment from customers in photoelectric and precision industry, Fumio started introducing environmentally-friendly adhesive and binder to provide comprehensive service.


Inaugurated the new headquarter in Nei Hu to access Nei Hu high-tech park and manage the market in Taiwan, China and the world.


In order to provide prompt and detailed test data for our customers, FUMIO established the laboratory and imported various precision experimental instruments.


To meet the market demand, Fumio classified our lubricant into six major groups and integrated with photoelectric, biochemical high-tech industry.


Established Fumio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to manage the market in Middle China. Also, Fumio has developed more than hundred kinds of precision lubricant.


Optimized the 21st century environmental trend product: dry lubricant, and introduced the products to optoelectronics industry successfully.


Established Fumio (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to provide prompt and thorough services to customers in ZhuJiang delta with our Hong Kong office.


Developed two major series of grease: heat dissipation oil and contact oil.


Established Fumio (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to support customers in Hong Kong.


Led the industry proposing the idea of developing tailored products for customers--FUMIO offers "what you need" rather than "what we have," aiming to provide best solutions for our customers.


Sales department was established, and FUMIO started sell precision lubricant under our own brand.


Developed dozens of lubricants, including three major series: precision lubricant, silencer and damper grease, which are suitable for using in wide breadth and low temperature environment.


Set up three major operational goals:

1. Focusing on developing environmentally-friendly products. 2. Building up the co-developed relationship with Japanese partner. 3. Establishing the principle: production in Japan and sells in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia markets.


Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Fumio-Taiwan LTD. engaged in researching and developing synthetic lubricant.