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Silencer Oil

Silencer oil can reduce the noise generated from the object which is in motion. In addition, FUMIO silencer oil uses special additives to improve molecular cohesion and increase adhesion so that the oil is not easy to be thrown off by moving parts. It is especially suitable for gears, motors, etc.

silence, abnormal noise, gear, button
silence, abnormal noise, gear, button
Series Product Name
MS Series MS-54, MS-82
SM Series SM-57, SM-80
ST Series ST-419, ST-456
MP Series MP-615

The Introduction of Silencer Oil

■ Silencer oil contains particular grease and noise elimination materials, which can eliminate the noise generated from the impact of gear and friction of surface movement
■ With high adhesion and cohesion, silencer oil can reduce grease running off due to centrifugal force generated from gear circumrotates
■ High chemical safety and stability, FUMIO silencer oil can be applied on metal or plastic
■ Not a silicon-based synthetic lubricant. There's no harmful effect when the silencer oil is used around the contact point of an electric appliance



■ Motor potentiometer, Remote control aircraft, Hub motor,‧Tool of electric and pneumatic
■ B/O toy, Timer, CD-ROM, Printer, Fax machine, Copy machine, Movement of radio and recorder
■ Other products functioned by the gear drive