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Damper oil

Damper oil can provide the feeling of retardation and cushioning. FUMIO has already developed various products ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity, suitable for high and low-temperature environments.

damper oil, projector, lens
damper oil, projector, lens
Series Product Name
TH Series TH-200, TH-188, TH-205
LD Series LD-130, LD-150
TM Series TM-165
TL Series TL-326

The Introduction of Damper Oil

■ Series of low, middle and high viscosity, contains high molecule structure stability, has long usage life.
■ Oil molecules distribute evenly, high viscosity, trim movement of part , power of buffer equally.
■ This series is for the low temperature exclusive use, low temperature change. It especially apply to region in low temperature that high viscosity, block, buffering can be developed.
■ Many kinds of adherence, it apply to all kinds of part that be asked for different power of sprain, prevent it from stagnating and buffer trimming.



■ Radio and recorder‧Tape deck‧Perpetual calendar‧Gait‧Tripod‧Telescope‧Microscope
■ Periscope‧Calculating machine‧Axle potentiometer‧Direct current potentiometer and other products that are needed block, buffering and trimming.