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Fluorine Grease

Fluorine grease is suitable for extreme environments (high and low temperature, vacuum, etc.), low volatility, excessive pressure, and long-life requirements.

Series Product Name
DFG Series DFG-10
A Series A-1280
FG Series FG-30

Fluorine Grease

■ No dropping point,low volatility. It apply to some vacuity manufacture process equipment of aerospace, semiconductor, liquid crystal, photoelectric.
■ Perfect ability of extreme pressure against, friction against and lubricity to extend using term of product on material of metal to metal, especially in condition of higher loading and more strict rub, can result elimination friction effect.
■ Perfect ability of heatproof and cold-proof. It apply to a wide using range of temperature.
■ Endure strong acid , alkali, halogen compound and all kinds of high corrosiveness gas.



■ Bearing‧Electromagnetic gait‧High speed gyrostatic contact‧High load rolls
■ High-temperature chain transmission equipment and other places where general grease is not suitable.
■ Semiconductor‧Liquid crystal‧In high vacuity place of photoelectric manufacture process equipment for lubrication.
■ Optical camera lens‧Instrument for lubrication
■ Printer‧Fax machine‧Copy machine‧In high temperature and load places of AV machine for lubrication